Project Goal

The purpose of our website is to significantly increase the productivity of the Table 1 creation process used in clinical trials and related fields. We aim to make the power of R and Python intuitively accessible to improve reproducibility and reliability. Table1.cc was created and is maintained by Christian Geier (@cgeierRA).


Photo of Christian Geier Christian Geier, MD
Chief Executive Officer and Architect @cgeierRA
Photo of Tina Chee, Director of Communications Tina Chee, MD, MPA
Director of Communications @Tina_Chee_MD
Photo of Jasper Chee, Mascot and Chief Happiness Officer of table1 Jasper Chee Buchanan (Bullboxer)
Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) & Branding @jasperthebullboxer

Important Note

While we have tried to use best practices in creating this package, automation of even basic statistical tasks can be unsound if done without supervision. We encourage use of tableone alongside other methods of descriptive statistics and, in particular, visualization to ensure appropriate data handling. [...] Guidance should be sought from a statistician when using `tableone` for a research study, especially prior to submitting the study for publication.

Further Resources